Most recently Julian has been developing his work by incorporating everyday throwaway media (material that has an unofficial expiry date of not more than a few weeks) in his work. By taking items that that have a short term expiry date and creating something visually attractive out of them, he keeps them alive for longer. In order to create something that he hopes is long lasting, he has produced work that contrasts areas of chaos with other parts that are calm, areas that are bold with designs that are intricate and other disjointed illogical juxtapositions such that a viewer may discover new facets within the painting even weeks or months or years after having it in their life, and thus keeping it interesting.

Additionally, by using everyday throwaway media, a comment on modern life is also instigated. One example of this is depicted through the use of newspapers. By using clippings of particularly prominent stories or characters that are bound around the edges of the canvas or in another language, The artist hopes to pique the viewers’ interest, only to prevent them from reading the actual story. This creates a sense of having missed out on something or a desire for something that is not there. Julian hopes the viewer can take away this sensation and use it to consider other aspects in their fast paced life. “What else is passing me by?”