First introduced to the art world by his mother (a fund raiser for the arts) as a child, Julian has since been producing artwork and experimenting with a diverse range of mediums for two decades. During this time Julian has grown as an artist through formal education completing an A-Level (British qualification) in Art and a Film Minor at university, regularly visiting exhibitions and exhibiting his own work at galleries and studios around New York City, which provide an environment for review of the emerging art scene and an opportunity for honest critical analysis of his own work by peers.

Julian now taps into his history and influences to produce conceptual multimedia work reflective of the systems and unofficial rules we live with today. He combines photography of source material that has ranged from security tickets to moldy residue in a plastic bag to trippy German landscapes, and layers them with a range of mediums including oils, pastels, acetone, ink, spray paint and water to create work that is truly unique. The artwork covers a range of topics and ideas, but a recurring and constantly developing theme is one of time, age and decay, and the human urge to avoid these things.

For all inquiries please reach out to moldNshit@gmail.com (case sensitive) or on Instagram @moldNshit (also case sensitive).

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Media Exposure

Bleucalf Magazine - Featured Artist - November 2019


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